From the beginning, everyone underestimated Donald Trump. He pulled off a stunning victory after the most unprecedented of presidential campaigns.

Last night was a very interesting night for the American people. Also last night we witnessed the way to run political campaigns. In so doing, we also witness that the Trump campaign was underestimated. Many felt that Trump’s rhetoric was going to bring negative consequences to his political goals. However, this was not the case. Trump led a movement of Americans that were tired with Washington.

One way that Trump won was by the map change on the Midwest. Trump rewrote the rules or politics. Personally I do not feel that even the Trump campaign was expecting this result. And neither did Hillary Clinton. This could be also explained by the fact that Clinton’s image was affected by the FBI information regarding the email scandal. This also had an impact in this election.

Another factor that Trump acknowledge was the support of the RNC. The party was able to out manned Clinton’s efforts and they were able to reach the working class Americans.

Just as eight years ago when Obama came into office, politics were changed. Last night we also witnessed history as a non-political person won the presidency.

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