This election season, millions of potential voters refused to vote in an anti-campaign against the entire US election system. Voter turnout has been abysmally low in recent years, and this election season was not any different. Some refuse to vote on moral standards, stating claims that the system has failed them, their votes don’t really count, and how it’s a rigged system anyways.

Because of the constitution of the United States, people have both the right to vote, and the right not to vote. That is their prerogative. However, those who refuse to vote and participate in the democratic process have no room to complain about how the system is failing them. Politics can be very frustrating, but leaving everything in the hands of others while simultaneously complaining about how the system has failed that, says more about the individual rather than the system.

There are those who are unable to vote, not only in other countries, but here in the US. And they are the ones who would benefit the most if they were able to vote. People struggling with immigration or with past felonies on their record are unable to vote. However, those demographics are the ones that could positively impact the country by engaging in a political process that has perhaps failed them in the past. Of course it is the choice of every citizen to participate in the political process. But those who do not participate, perhaps should not complain about the system failing them, rather how they are failing us.