For the past year or more the media has talked of little else than the election.  This is understandable as electing a president is important and this election has proved unpredictable and disheartening.  However, although it is expected that US media would constantly cover the election, Russia has also been closely covering this years election.

Much of the media in Russia talks about he US election and most people on the street know of the two candidates and have at least a surface opinion about them.  Most people see the both of the them as equally bad and have their reasons to back this up.  These reasons they got from the media coverage in their country.

The Russian government has been using this election to show how bad the American system of government is and how much better the Russian government is in comparison.  It works on a lot of levels.  People are so tire of hearing about he US election and the media only portrays the candidates in a bad light.  Most people in the country wished they could see their own politics in the media more frequently instead of focusing on politics that have little to do with them personally.

On Russian TV, Clinton-Trump Race Merits Wall-to-Wall Coverage