trump-penceAs the dust settles in the aftermath of perhaps the most surprising and unanticipated Election Days in United States history, our new President-Elect Trump and the American people must understand that the tone of the next few weeks and months will be uniquely determinant to the political and social environment of our country. This election cycle was particularly decisive and nasty, and a large segment of American society (more than half, according to the popular vote) woke up this morning with apprehension and fear of what a Donald Trump presidency could entail. In short, our society is particularly fragile, but potentially malleable, right now. Donald Trump’s next few months must be hallmarked by magnanimity and responsibility. He put aside his stated goal to get even in every situation,  such as seeking to prosecute Hillary Clinton, which would squander his political capital and further divide this already fractured nation. He needs to unite with the Congressional GOP majority’s “Better Way” plan, which would include foregoing his trade protectionism and wall with Mexico plans. If he can reach across the aisle, not only politically, but also to minorities that may feel marginalized by his victory, we may start the process of healing. Of course, this all assumes that Trump will be fundamentally different in character than he was during most of the election, but, now that he’s won, the best thing the American people can do is try to be unified to heal this fractured society.

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