On Friday, Donald Trump said that he is planning on pulling support from the Syrian rebels. Although this seems pretty drastic, his logic behind it is pretty good. The main reason behind this, is Trump’s desire to defeat ISIS. By fighting Syria, we are not focusing on ISIS, we are also not helping our relationship with Russia by supporting the rebels. Thus, by pulling our support from them, we can mend that relationship with Russia, and concentrate on destroying ISIS. Afterwards, the issue of Syria can be addressed if it has not already taken care of itself. I support this decision in most fronts. Yes it will be hard to just suddenly pull all support from these people, but for years this has been going on, and nothing has come of it. Meanwhile ISIS continually becomes stronger. It seems that the only people who are making any advances against these terrorists, are the locals of Iran and Iraq. I believe that this is because they are not also fighting a civil war. I imagine that with more US and Russian support, ISIS could actually be defeated quite swiftly.

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