Obama’s administration has had up and downs of all kind. One issue that Obama felt passionate about is Guantanamo. After 8 years of promising a Complete shutdown and closing of Guantanamo, the facility still remains active. Trump consistently promised during his campaign called for tougher measures agains terrorists including water boarding and other banned interrogation techniques, the maintaining of Guantanamo and the killing of terrorist´s families if necessary. The highly dangerous criminals and a location that might exonerate practices from following US law, are a combination that makes incredibly difficult for the creation of standardized practices in that prison. This article explores the challenges that medical professionals face when treating inmate. Doctors were constantly reminded their families could be targeted for retaliation. Interactions would take place through a slim cell slit with a translator that worked closely with interrogators, etc. Medical care seems to be a way to keep criticism off the government back rather than a way to assure the well being of the inmates

The question is now what will happen with Guantanamo as President elect Donald Trump prepares to take office.

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