On Sunday the Israeli ministerial committee approved a very contentious bill that could allow for the legalization of Jewish settlements that were built on Palestinian land in the West Bank that are privately owned.

Most of the world views this bill as breaking the international law. Furthermore critics have claimed that this shows Israel’s desire for an annexation of the West Bank with Israeli Parliament imposing Israeli law in an area that the military authorities have overseen for nearly 50 years.

The bill is still waiting approval by Parliament however Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposed this law mainly to avoid being criticized by the world.

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, believes that this clearly shows Israel has no intentions of peace and Palestine is ready for another battle if this bill is passed.

Lastly, with the victory of Trump as the next President, Israel’s right wing believes that they will have a freer hand at having Trump support them on the issue of Israeli settlements in Palestinian lands.

The New York Times “Bill to Legalize West Bank Settlements Advances in Israel”