As Donald Trump was voted last week to be President-elect of the United States, heated discussions and dialogues on social media and riots have taken place. It is clear that America was closely divided in this election. However, what about the rest of the world? What do they think?

For better or for worse, the government and policies of the United States of America affect many, if not all, nations across the globe. As a foreigner in the United States, I had my own opinions about this election, which I believe reflect the beliefs and opinions of my home country Brazil. As I spoke with other foreigners, I realized more and more how opinions differed. In this article, the New York Times asked for opinions about the President-Elect Donald Trump. I find this article fascinating and believe it is important for Americans to read and think about.

I do not believe nations should isolate themselves in any sense. We live in a globalized world, nations are constantly communicating, trading, and changing. It is fundamental that we understand each others’ views even if we do not agree with them.

Here are some different opinions:

“I am deeply concerned with president-elect Mr. Trump for obvious reasons, but I am honestly relieved that Ms. Clinton couldn’t get the job. Her foreign policy frightened me in terms of going back to the Cold War era. She is, unlike Mr. Obama, an interventionist, who would have inflamed international tensions, leaving Germany (and Europe) in an acid test between the West and East, facing armament.”

Christian Weidner, Germany

“It will be good for Europe, once President Trump is clear about his policy in fighting ISIS alongside Russia, holding a strong position in the region just like Russia, by doing the right thing, killing terrorists.”

Maria da Graça, Portugal

“It has already take down the value of our currency.”

Jose Franco, Mexico

“Trump has called Nafta a disaster, the worst trade deal ever. Presumably, he will revoke it, or try to renegotiate its terms. Trade deals don’t work as zero-sum equations. Nafta works because it has benefited all three of our North American economies. The Canadian market for consumer goods is relatively small and spread out along an east-west axis. If north-south trade is disrupted in both manufactured goods and agricultural products, the impact on the Canadian economy will be devastating.”

Wally Seccombe, Canada

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