The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States shocked many, and has raised a number of questions as to what the future of our country will look like. One worry many people have had, in particular, is what he will do with America’s foreign policy. While he made many claims during his campaign, what he will actually accomplish is still in question.

The Mexicans are not happy about Trump’s election to say the least. They are aware that his election has huge consequences for them and their people- especially the lower and working class. The article notes how people generally see the US as a beacon of freedom, but this is being second guessed as our country is now run by someone who is not always respected or respectable.

The election is now over, and we will all have to live with the American decision to elect Donald Trump as president. Hopefully, Trump will surprise us and keep the US’ stereotype as a beacon of hope alive as he works positively with other nations to resolve issues and improve the world.