There are surely many terrible problems that are still unsolved, yet it’s an exciting time to be alive if you’re interested in world history or economy. From a neutral, academic stand point, those of us that have grown up reading books and studying disruptive history recognize that we’re living a chapter in future world/American history books.

Enter the populist movement.

The United Kingdom, Brazil, the Philippines, and the United States have all joined the populist coalition. With elections in Italy, Austria, and France looming, many foresee the trend to continue on the global scale with the aforementioned countries.

Europe is a hot bed right now for populist sentiment. The Génération Identitaire is one of the many groups popping up around the world advocating for large scale reform. Though they may look like hippies to many Americans, these adherents are far from liberal, and appeal to many centrist Europeans. As the Economist puts it, “The movement has a deft way of making xenophobic causes seem palatable to moderates”.

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