President Obama gave his best guess as to why Donald Trump won the Presidency. He directed attention to a populist nationalism movement taking place in the western world. Obama claims that the current situation concerning globalization needs, “a course correction.” Currently, globalization has been accredited with economic inequality throughout the world. This is said to have happened because of, “leaders’ mishandling of globalization.”


Some European countries, such as Greece, are concerned with what may occur in the coming months as President Elect Donald Trump takes office. As President Obama makes his last tour of Europe, leaders in Greece asked for promises of economic stability as they strive to climb out of economic difficulty.

The International Monetary Fund seeks to assist Greece, but Germany will not look much into the matter before its 2017 election, which may be influenced by a national populist movement aspiring to redirect focus more towards home. We are seeing a decline in a desire of the world’s population to become globalized and a return to more nationalist ideals and strategies that could prove to be detrimental for those states currently dependent upon international support.

The world will watch as other western states such as France and Germany conduct their elections in the coming year.