This week, President Barack Obama has taken his last international tour as the official President of the United States. While on tour, he has currently been in Athens, Greece reassuring leaders to stand with the United States through the transition of leadership and authority in the White House. Despite not commenting directly on Donald Trump’s appointment of Stephen K. Bannon to a cabinet position, President Obama made some comments warning against a “rise of nationalistic tribalism.” Bannon, a known “hard-right nationalist” with racist and anti-Semitic views has been appointed as the chief White House strategist and senior counselor to Donald Trump during his upcoming presidency. Therefore, Obama’s tour to Europe not only is to attend to his foreign policy priorities, but also to do a little damage control.

President Obama was justified in his comments because at face value, it appears that President-elect Trump is going back on some of his campaign promises for change that sparked such a large following of voters. Placing a white supremacist in the White House is not the kind of ‘change’, Obama or most Americans were hoping to see. While, the results of Trump’s upcoming Presidency remains unseen, President Obama will head to Berlin today to talk to leaders of Germany, France, Spain, and Britain.