Trump’s America:

Are we really one nation? Or are we divided?

This election is dividing our country- some believe it already has. NY Times writer Tim Wallace analyzed the “two Americas of 2016” where he mapped out that Trump had won most of the geographic area of the United States of America, but the edges of the US were Democrats. Clinton voters were concentrated in dense urban areas.

The differences between these two groups is vast, and although geographically Trump has much more area, many of the areas he won were rural areas. However, Hillary won most of the big cities, which were more populated than the areas Trump had won.

This has led to many conflicts, especially including the differences of power between the popular vote and the electoral college and who gets to decide on the President.

I think that it is interesting to look at the geography of the United States as far as who won which areas- This tells a lot about political campaigning styles, true influence and persuasion, and the power of targeting.

Will these divisions disappear over the next four years, or are we going to remain TWO nations under God? Not indivisible, and maybe not with liberty and justice for all.

Hillary’s America:

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