Refugees fleeing war-torn countries seek a place where they can live in peace and acceptance. This idea may have led them toward the United States, but the reality of the situation here is less than ideal. In the wake of the startling election, President-elect Trump instills fear in the hearts of many minority groups like refugees. Many refugees are victims of hate crimes here in the US. In a nation that prides itself on being a “melting pot” of all ethnicities and backgrounds, refugees have become the targets of many wanting to express their newfound and newly elected voice. A voice that makes these refugees fear for their life.

Traveling from one country to another, only to find themselves victims of the same persecution is of course difficult and frustrating to say the least. The Trump election gave a voice to the “silent majority.” This voice and this rise to power of an individual who has the same beliefs made it easier and more justifiable for people to commit these hate crimes. These acts of terror that leave these refugees in fear should not be acceptable in any country. Let alone a country that stands as an example to others as one of acceptance.