Israel plans synagogue in al-Aqsa Mosque complex

There are many divisions between Israelis and Palestinians. Most recently, a proposal supported by Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding noise pollution has begun to further divide the two peoples. This proposal calls for the ban of loudspeakers in religious centers around Israel in an effort to end the noise pollution caused by mosques during the call to prayer. This has caused extreme tension as Arabs claim the call to prayer does no harm, and only encourages prayer, and Israelis claim they cannot sleep through the night with the noise.

I believe there are enough issues dividing the Israelis and Palestinians for the Knesset and PLO to handle without adding this proposed law into the mix. There are many more important things to solve, such as Israeli settlement expansion, terrorism, and an eventual solution to the major conflict. At the very most, this proposal could lower the volume of the loud speakers, not remove them completely. This proposal to ban loudspeakers will only cause more conflict.


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