If you would have told me a couple of years ago that an anti-semetic white nationalist would hold power in the White House, I would have called you crazy. Well, things are now crazy. I am not surprised. They warned us. The election of Donald Trump has galvanized the far-right fringe in our country, and now they have power. Steve Bannon, the former editor of the alt-right political website called Breitbart, will be Trump’s chief strategist in the White House. This once conservative page has been turned into a source of misinformation for white nationalists under his watch. Breitbart is steeped in misogynistic, racist articles that push conspiracy theories. Now, this man has been appointed to a top White House position. Many critics, on the left and the right, are deeply troubled at the prospect of having a man who holds extreme views so close to the presidency. How can Donald Trump claim to be the president of all Americans when one of his closest allies views us as less. How can we heal a divided nation by placing hateful men in power? We are supposed to believe that all men are created equal, yet those who disagree are now in power. We were warned about this, about the normalization of these fringe ideas, yet many did not care. They voted for a a man who aligned himself with people who represented the worst of our country. They ignored this for the empty promises of prosperity and security. I am deeply saddened by this, but I have hope that things will change. It is hard to have faith in our new President-Elect, I hope that he can prove me wrong.

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