Shortly after the presidential election, there has been a surge in protests and hate crimes. The FBI reported that hate crimes have gone up 6% from the last year.

According to the New York Times, “that trend appears to have spiked in just the last week, with civil rights groups and news organizations reporting dozens of verbal or physical assaults on minorities and others that appear to have been fueled by divisions over the election.”

Many of the attacks have been based on the victim’s race, ethnicity, and ancestry. The surge of attacks these last few days have been targeted towards Muslim Americans. Hundreds of hate crimes have been reported since the presidential election. Civil Rights activists are trying to remain resilient among these attacks. The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported that the crimes have been sporadic in location, including schools, and businesses. President-elect Donald Trump has urged his supporters to stop the hate. It is surprising how Donald Trump has softened his tone now that he has “won” the presidency. I am interested in seeing if Trump will address the issue in the news, beyond his remarks given on “60 Minutes”.


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