Isaiah Lopaz was born in the United States but moved to Germany about ten years ago. As a black man, he has been followed around stores, art galleries, and other public places by white Germans who assume he will be able to get them drugs. Lopaz is also gay, but many white Germans at gay bars were surprised by his sexuality. They seemed to assume that if you are black, you can’t possibly be gay. In response to this incredibly racist behavior, Lopaz has taken an unconventional approach. He has stamped T-shirts with the offensive things that have been said to him. These include:

“You’re with us? I thought you were a dealer!”

“And when do you go back?”

“Where can we get some drugs?”

“I didn’t know you were gay, you are black.”

“You have no culture because you come from slaves.”

For a while now, Germany has been admitting immigrants of different races, and white Germans have had to adapt to this. As we can see from Mr. Lopaz’s story, many don’t seem to be accustomed to it.

Are you surprised by this behavior? How does it compare to the race-relations in the United States? Has the US made progress in ways Germany has not?

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