Trump won because there were more racists in America than civilized people. Brexit happened because too many old people were afraid. These are oft cited criticisms of the recent election and referendum that has rocked both the West and the world at large. Such criticisms ignore the nuance of voters fears, interests, and priorities. It is within this vein of thought that the upcoming election that Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced she will run in has been received.


Merkel has led Germany through three terms. The article notes that she reached her highest approval rating while dealing with the belligerent Russia over the crisis in Ukraine back in 2014. Then, she had an over eighty percent approval rating. But in recent years, her prestige has been tarnished over her handling of the refugee crisis and the austerity measures in Greece. One of the leaders of the Alternative for Germany, a right-wing populist party, has stated that Germany cannot afford another four years.


In contrast, one of the members of her own party commented on the news of Merkel’s running for another term stating that it “would be difficult to win with Ms. Merkel, but impossible to win without her.” The member was saying this in context of parliamentary elections. These two ideas along with the narrative of the Brexit vote and Trump victory, suggests a larger-than-life battle for liberal principles against the populist, right wing views.

Germany is about to go into elections and will discuss critical and important issues facing its people and those in the surrounding European Union. But it is dangerous to paint the elections of Germany in the same light as the events in the United Kingdom and in the United States.


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