In the face of our recent election of Donald Trump for president, a supportive group of “White Nationalists” has arisen.They strongly support Trump and even more strongly support Steven K. Bannon as his selection for chief strategist.  the success of Trump’s campaign, many people are now left wondering what type of people are his biggest supporters and who these white nationalists really are.

According to Professor Eric Kaufmann of Birkbeck University in London, it is the belief “that national identity should be built around white ethnicity, and that white people should therefore maintain both a demographic majority and dominance of the nation’s culture and public life.” Essentially, it endorses racial discrimination in politics and law. White nationalists are concerned about increasing diversity and immigration.

Now that Trump has been elected, will the community of white nationalists increase? If it does, what is the future of our country in terms of racism, tolerance, and discrimination? Is it possible that we could revert back to the racist culture of the US in the 1800’s?