A new CDC report went out addressing another suspected affect of Zika in babies. More babies are being affected than previously thought, because it appears that some do not manifest the symptoms when very first born. There have been a few cases where the babies show no symptoms at birth, but months later manifest many symptoms.

The warning for pregnant mothers not to travel into Zika affected areas is increasingly intensified. More have been affected than previously thought, and this new information levels new mothers wondering about their babies, hoping that they are as safe and unaffected as they were told they were at birth.

This new information is another layer of confusion, and complexity to the virus. Research and study is not yet conclusive, and questions from parents are left unanswered. One of the mothers of an affected baby said, “The doctors tell us that this is something new, never had anything like this in the world, so they cannot predict how the life of these children will be”.

While Zika is no longer considered a global-health emergency by the World Health Organization, it is still a crisis in need of dedication and prevention.

Read more at: http://www.wsj.com/articles/some-zika-caused-defects-dont-show-up-until-well-after-birth-study-finds-1479831179