The Araguari River in Brazil was once home to some of the best river surfing in the world. Tides, and the river water entering the ocean caused there to be large waves in the river. These waves often reached heights of over a meter, making surfing perfect. These waves were also home to the record of the longest wave ridden by a surfer at 6.3 miles.  Notice that these things are all in the past tense. The waves are no longer, they are nothing but ripples now. Dams and farmers have destroyed the rivers ability to make these famous waves, sending surfers to search in other distant places for waves. “It’s a warning of how man’s actions can change our rivers forever.” said Serginho Laus, the 6.3 mile record holder. This is truly a sad moment for the world, especially in the world of surfing. We must watch our actions, and the results of our actions to ensure that we are not causing unwanted damage. Things as simple as farming are causing the loss of the world’s most amazing phenomenons. What are we doing to stop this? What are we doing to raise awareness?