On November 22, President Donald Trump met with NYT journalists to discuss his views for his administration and explain further about his campaign promises. The main topics were about Hillary Clinton, torture for terrorists, and climate change.

During the interview he seemed confident about his new responsibility and let to the reporters clear that he will try to not mix his business and political duty. His children will be in charge of the Trump brand. However, in some occasions he will need to meet with business partners for pictures.

He mentioned he won’t continue the prosecution over Mrs. Clinton. He said he “does not want to hurt the Clintons.”

Surprisingly, President Trump does not seem to eager to use torture on terrorists. He said that trust building and rewards are better ways to receive cooperation from terrorists. He pointed that Mr. Mattis, a retired Marine Corps general and the man who gave him the advice about the inefficiency of torture, will be a good candidate for defense secretary.

Regarding climate change, it seems that he wants to study the international climate accord in detail, before taking any decisions. He added that clean air and water are important to him.

He states that the NYT was harsh on him during elections, but he still considers it a prominent newspaper.

Finally, he added that he will love to see during his government the peace agreement between Israel and Palestine.

What are your thoughts in President Trump views for the upcoming government?

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