It’s here. We are on the eve of Trump’s America. It’s more than unsettling. In the NYT article, many flaws are pointed out in the actions of our to-be president. While, I do not love the result of the election and it is safe to say that the NYT doesn’t either, this is an important time to prove ourselves as Americans, not contrarians. I’m confident that the American people chose Donald Trump as their President. It is important that we concede and acknowledge this fact. Many, including myself, argued that Trump voters might bring problems if they did not accept defeat. So, here I am, accepting defeat.

My forecast of Trump has always been grim. I believed that he would, after a presidency, turn the country away from the GOP. I believed he would cripple conservatism, the only brakes stopping the American climb towards liberal-progressivism. I believed that he would expand government and continue to increase spending through unconstitutional means.

Although I still believe this, I hope and will literally pray it is not true. I would love to see myself proved wrong. I will pray for Trump. This is what we should all do. Even if we disagree with everything he stands for, he will be our president and he’ll need help. Second, it is our duty to support the result, but it is not our duty to bow in adoration. Government is not the answer. Trump is not the answer and neither was Ronald Reagan. My hope is that Trump gets out of the way, that he shrinks the size of our government, and that he not expand it adding in hints of Republican. In the same way we would have continued our watchdog onslaught towards Hillary Clinton, we should keep a careful eye on our country and its leaders.