syrian-charnel-houseIn the last 8 years the Unites States has taken several steps back from leading out in world affairs. While some may applaud the more egalitarian situation of world leadership, the new world order is fraught with peril, as evidenced by the Syrian Civil War crisis compounded with the rise of ISIS.  The international community has been so divided and apathetic in action that the country of Syria has descended to depths unthinkable in the region only a few years ago. Without a strong hegemonic power to impose morals and direction to world affairs, the international community have become subject to the nationalist motivations of Russia and China and their liberal use of their UN Security Council vetoes. Either the United States must live with the moral ambiguity and stagnant gridlock of a multipolar international world, or it must reassert itself as the world’s superpower to assure that the people of Syria and future societies receive the greatest chance of peace and stability. That begins with standing up to Russia in Syria.

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