I know that this is a silly title, but it is true that it seems likely that Turkey might never get accepted into the European Union. On Thursday, there will be a vote to decide whether the decision on Turkey will be suspended. The journey of Turkey to the European Union has been long, and may never actually occur given the animosity of many Europeans to current government after the the military attempted a coup. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted very strongly to the coup by stopping the works of his opponents. He also wants to allow the use of the Death Penalty again, which is against the rules of the European Union. This seems, however, to be a slippery slope for the European Union. If they move forward with even the small action of this vote, they may alienate Turkey, which could lead to Turkey to not feel restrained in its positions on human rights, and may lead to a change in its views on refugees in Europe. Turkey has even begun to threaten to join other internatinal organizations with China and Russia if they aren’t allowed to join this European one. It is clear that Turkey and the EU need to continue to work together given the refugee crisis. They have created deals with monetary aid for Turkey and the promise from this country to stop allowing in new refugees; however, this could become rocky terrain if Turkey isn’t allowed to continue to work towards its place in the EU. This move has taken 53 years to even get to this point, and soon, Turkey may not even want to be a part of the EU anymore.

This event brings up the issues of international cooperation to ensure peace. Is it the responsibility of the European Union to let Turkey join it if the European countries involved do not want it to? There are valid points that it could be worse for the EU in the long run in Turkey feels ostracized. It seems smart to allow them to be a part of an organization that would help temper some of their choices. Countries many times don’t want to be a part of international organizations in order to avoid losing their sovereignty, but the countries already a part of those organizations probably love the opportunity to get involved in the sovereignty of others. This could be a case where it would be good for them to let this country in, and if they keep stalling then Turkey could change its mind altogether. I guess time will tell what the EU and Turkey decides, but most likely the EU won’t include Turkey in Thanksgiving.

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