El Salvdaor is a country that has been ravaged by violence for decades. The civil war took a devastating toll on the country and its ramifications are still being felt. Unfortunately, the country is still being ravaged by violence. The perpetrators of violence are no longer soldiers of the government or the guerrillas, but by gang members. El Salvador’s most notorious gang are known as the “Maras.” This gang is has made the country the murder capital of the world. Through extortion, they’ve built a intricate system of income. The interesting fact is that none of the members of the gang are rich, not even the leaders. Most of their earnings go to paying the members of the gang, which is about $15 a month. Most of the money goes to hiring lawyers, weapons, and funeral services. They are called the mafia of the poor because they do not live like kings like other gang syndicates do, but they are much more violent. Once they join the gang, there is no way out unless its in a body bag. Authorities do not know how to combat the gang, and it seems that targeting their financial assets is not a solution

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