As we get closer to a Trump Presidency, the Wall Street Journal wrote about a video that President-Elect Trump will do as part of his list on day one as President. The videos shows many topics in which many include action on trade, immigration, energy, regulations, and national security and ethic changes. The video shows a list of executive orders that could take place in order to keep the government working for the people.

Trump did not specify regarding the Iran deal, the wall built in the southern border of the USA not the propose solution to the Affordable Care Act. Many of the proposed ideas and changes would direct the government agencies and officials to design new plans to operate and impact the government. This video also comes in a time in which President-Elect Trump has met with several people in order to determine his members of the Cabinet

The world is still waiting and anxious about the outcome of the election. We are still waiting on the impact of a Trump administration and its policies. Time will tell if the policies work or not. In the meantime, we have to wait and see that Trump will do in order to keep USA safe and make it prosper again.


President-elect Donald Trump said he has ordered his transition team to draft a list of executive actions he could take “on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs.” Read the full story