No, we aren’t talking about the meat.

The European Parliament is to vote this week on suspending negotiations to bring Turkey into the European Union. The President of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has faced criticism already of certain policies that he is in favor of- one example is the death penalty. President Erdogan said he would approve a restoration of the death penalty, which would most likely force an end to talk of Turkey being included in the E.U. because a ban on capital punishment is a condition of membership.

Many are saying that this move of the European Parliament is not smart because it will force Turkey to harden its positions and policies, however, it looks like this will still be the case. Most lawmakers seem likely to vote on Thursday to suspend accession talks. The president is not happy about this decision, even though the formal vote has not yet been made. This decision could also threaten refugee deal that has been made between Europe and Turkey, which had been very successful in reducing the flow of refugees into Europe, and Europe was helping Turkey financially.

It was reported by the Hurriyet newspaper that Turkey was threatening to join the Shanghai Cooperation which includes China and Russia because the E.U. has been delaying them for 53 years.

I think that this change would be very difficult for Turkey- especially since they have been receiving financial assistance from Europe in their refugee deal. I also think that Turkey’s democracy could be benefitted by an open relationship with Europe, but this denial from the European Parliament will likely close them off and make relations much more difficult. It will be interesting to see the results of this vote on Thursday.

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