The UN envoy to Syria recently released several statements about the situation in Syria with Russia. He said that while it could be effective for the United States and Russia to team up to combat the threat of ISIS in Syria, he wanted to remind everyone of the blood and carnage that Russia has caused with their bombings of Syria which could be an obstacle to the possibility of the US and Russia becoming allies. Many believe that the President of the United States should not be able to ignore the human rights violations that have occurred in Aleppo.

There is the fact to consider that atrocities have occurred on both sides of the fighting. President Assad used chemical weapons on the citizens of Syria, but new evidence shows that the rebels have also used chemical weapons in the fighting.

Trump’s good relations with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, have long been infamous. The two respect each other for their shared strong leadership styles; it was also interesting to see how quickly Putin called Trump to congratulate him after his win of the election. However, it remains to be seen what will actually come to be out of these good relations. There are real reasons why the tensions between the US and Russia are high and it is doubtful whether good feelings between these two leaders can solve deep and long standing issues between the states. While I would say that it is a good thing that some of the previous tension in relations with Russia have been released, I’m uncertain about how much the situation will in actuality have changed.

It does appear, however, that Russia is withdrawing in Aleppo and slowing down its bombing of the city. Who knows, maybe change is in the air.

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