What will the legacy of Fidel be? This seems to be an argument primarily held among historians and the older generation. His life has cast a long shadow over the lives of those who have lived under his rule. Will the worst tyrant in the western hemisphere be soundly denounced or will the liberator of the Cuban people and the defiant voice against America be cherished throughout the future?

Fidel Castro died at the age of 90.

His legacy is one of controversy. To the older generation in Cuba, many mourn his loss and feel a sense of reflection on the past and uncertainty about what the future holds for Cuba. To the Cuban population in Miami, his death was met with celebrations. But to many of the younger generation, his death was met with indifference and apathy.

The former leader of Cuba led revolutionary forces that overthrew the Batista government in Cuba in July of 1953. His rule of the country transformed it from being under the control of the Batista dictatorship to control under the Communists that persists to this day. Fidel Castro is perhaps famous in the United States for stopping the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis under the Kennedy administration. Castro has ruled over Cuba from 1953 to 2006 when he handed power over to his brother, Raul.

To many of the younger generation, government has been shaped by Raul and not Fidel. To the older generation it is the reverse. The indifference of the younger generation speaks, perhaps, more to the shift in the country’s attitudes towards the leader.

But with the death of Fidel, there is anxiety in the country over its economic future. Once more, the United States poses a threat to its economic future with the election of Donald Trump. Trump threatens to roll back the advances made by the Obama administration. How this would affect the Cuban state is uncertain but there is concern with Venezuela withdrawing aid as it faces its own economic crisis. With so much uncertainty in Cuba over its future, it appears that Fidel Castro’s days of mourning will be nothing more than a footnote in the former leader’s long history.


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