Up in space there is so much debris that it is starting to become a threat to manned space missions, and other satellites. This has the potential to grow into a massive problem. We depend so much on satellites for communication, and other things, such as weather data. It could prove to be catastrophic if these satellites were damaged or destroyed. With pieces of already used rocket stages or frozen chunks of fluid flying around space, everything else up there is in danger. Luckily there is a Japanese scientist/entrepreneur that has a way to solve the problem. It’s called Astroscale. He will send up satellites with tracking capabilities, and glue on panels to catch the debris. Later the debris and satellite itself will burn up as it re-enters the atmosphere.

The only problem is that he needs to find a way to fund it. Most government space agencies are not really focused on cleaning up their trash. They want to do things like make new discoveries, and go to Mars. It’s hard to get the taxpayers to back this as well. That’s why I believe that everyone needs to be educated on this problem. If everyone knew what would happen if these satellites were damaged, and its very easy for them to do so, then maybe Astroscale would receive the funding it needs. This is a necessity, not just a good thing to do. Honestly I think the space agencies themselves should do this, because most of the debris is theirs. Either way, the problem needs to be solved.

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