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In South Korea on Tuesday, President Park Geun-hye said that she was willing to resign, even if her term wasn’t quite over if that’s what the National Assembly decided.

The government was going through a scandal that had paralyzed them for weeks, and the President apologized to the public for the third time over this scandal. The scandal facing Ms. Park involves her assisting a longtime friend and secretive advisor to extort tens of millions of dollars from South Korean businesses. Lawmakers have been trying to impeach President Geun-hye, and said that this was just a ploy to allow her to stay in office, so they rejected  her offer to step down.

This speech caused a lot of internal conflict between lawmakers in her party and those who were about to  vote on Friday to impeach her right away. There are rallies starting up to criticize her until she resigns, others saying she is just trying to delay her release from office, and still others complaining she doesn’t even realize what she had ever done wrong.

Ms. Park is the first Korean President to be identified as a criminal subject while in office, which has to be hard for the people. I think that this  decision  is difficult for the people, but at the same time, I don’t really understand why her statement that she is willing to step down makes it that much harder. Their plan was to vote to impeach her on Friday, so they were already planning on her not being part of their government anymore. Now she stated that she is willing to step down, which would take  her out of their government. I think they should continue with the vote, and if she doesn’t get voted to be impeached, then the National Assembly could tell her to resign.

However, there are some statements said that her offer to step down from office would prevent months of political uncertainty that would follow an impeachment. So we will see what happens with this government!

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