Wildfires have spread across Israel, causing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the fires are the result of arson, and 22 people have been arrested as suspects. Prime Minister Netanyahu said,

The instructions are to prosecute anyone committing these acts so that all can see that anyone who tries to burn down the state of Israel will face the fullest punishment.

It is likely that these fires are the result of terrorist acts.

According to The New York Times, the United States is lending a hand in combatting these arson attacks:

By Friday evening, a 747 Supertanker firefighting plane from the United States had landed in Israel to be used to extinguish some of the blazes, and 50 American firefighters were expected to join the effort, Israeli news media reported.

The United States’ relationship with the State of Israel was more tense during the Obama years. Is the United States’ assistance in extinguishing the wildfires across Israel a sign of a “thawing” relationship? What changes (apart from possibly moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem) might we see in the US foreign policy towards Israel in the Trump Administration?

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