Italy is following suit as populist movements sweep the western world. Donald Trump’s success in the United States presidential election has inspired other individuals with similar a platform as him to become influential in the political scene in their own states. What I find interesting about this phenomenon is that many Americans think that the only kind of people that voted for trump were overly conservative middle class whites. What most of us don’t realize is that no matter who voted for Trump, states that are labeled as being progressive now have movements similar to what Trump started here in the US. Similar ideals are sweeping Europe, and this article deals with the influence of populism in Italy. If these political movements begin to succeed throughout the world, the globalization that we’ve seen occurring over the past two decades or so could start falling apart. Our world economy can be fragile, and if too many states call for reform of international policy towards more isolationist ideas, trade and alliance relationships could crumble.


I don’t necessarily remember any point at least in my lifetime where one individual such as President Elect Trump has had so much influence on the world’s political systems. I think that we as U.S. citizens only recognize the upheaval caused here on American soil. What we don’t remember sometimes is that other countries look to ours as an example of what is acceptable and what isn’t. With Trump’s win of the presidency, others states are allowing themselves to follow.