Last Tuesday, a security team of Rodrigo Duterte’s was bombed on the island of Mindanao in the town of Marawi in the Philippines. They had been sent to scout out the area for any risks or potential sources of harm preceding the arrival of President Rodrigo Duterte to the area. Amidst growing risks, Duterte stated that he will still be attending the scheduled meeting in Marawi in Lanao Del Sur, and that he might even take the same route as his security convoy.


This hasn’t been the only news of violence in the Philippines in the past week. Only a day before the attack in Marawi, police in Manila found an explosive device that had been planted outside the U.S. embassy.

There is reason to believe that these devices have ties to very militant Muslim rebel groups in the southern regions of the country. Duterte is still trying to come to a peaceful agreement with most of these groups, but has yet to connect with a few of the larger, more influential groups in the area including the well known Abu Sayyaf.

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