The world holds its breath as it awaits what President Trump will do once he takes office. Many countries around the world are anxiously waiting to see how Trump will handle the fight against climate change, especially after accusing China of inventing it for their own benefit. For the past couple of years, China has been making strides in cutting back its carbon footprint. One of the biggest changes in China was its dedication to cutting down the use of coal. Beijing has lowered coal mining and burning in order to curb the effects of climate change. After the election of Donald Trump, many people now look to China for leadership regarding climate change. Unfortunately, China has begun wavering in its goals of reducing coal consumption. Fearful of blackouts, the government has begun easing its regulations on coal. There is a perfect storm in China that has caused them to reverse the gains they made over the last few years. It is unfortunate because if both the US and China fail to lower their carbon footprint, then it might be impossible to prevent climate change.

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