“The Islamic State’s brutality has written a new chapter in that dark history,” writes a New York Times journalist. The article was written in regards to the recent finding of a mass grave near Hamam al-Alil. This city was recently just taken back by Iraqi forces after several weeks of fighting.

ISIS has caused many families to search for their loved ones who have gone missing. The findings of these mass grave sites is one a horrifying and yet hopeful discovery. It potentially could provide closure for these families who are searching for their missing loved ones. This recent finding is the site where ISIS had killed former police forces, government politicians, and anyone that ISIS felt they needed to kill in Hamam al-Alil and surrounding areas. It continues to paint a dark picture for Iraq as ISIS continues to terrorize this region of the world.

I understand that there can be biases in the media or in American culture when we look out at events around the world. We can paint a dark picture on anyone or event that we as Americans don’t see eye to eye with, but with the things that ISIS has done, I don’t know how you can paint any picture but a dark one. Kidnappings, beheading, mass murders, using civilians as human shields, and the list goes on. When will this all end?