Along with other limitations and restrictions, women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive.  Because of this, they often hire drivers to drive the cars that they own for them.  Most of these drivers come from outside the country and are a significant drag on the household income.  Prince Alwaleed has recently added his voice to the matter in saying that it is time for women to be given the right to drive their cars.  Women have the right to vote and be in office but because of religious and social reasons, cannot drive.  Prince Alwaleed focused mainly on the economic reasons for letting women drive.  These were mainly that the expense of hiring a driver was something that all households could do without.  Also, allowing women to drive would make it easier for them to find jobs and work.  They will be more likely to be more independent and the country will be better off because of that.  However, Price Alwaleed is not actually in the government and so cannot make real changes, but the voice of someone as prominent as he is is important in the ongoing conversation.

Women need to be given this right.  It may seem like a small thing but not being able to be independent and not being mobile significantly decreases a person’s potential for what they can accomplish.  Allowing women to drive will allow them to join the workforce and to contribute to society in many other ways.

Let Women Drive, a Saudi Prince Urges