President-elect Trump has a rocky relationship with the media, both before and after the election. His social media presence is enormous, having millions of followers on Twitter. While you may think that having the inauguration slowly creeping up would keep one from blatantly disregarding constitutional rights, but no. In a recent tweet, Trump called for the jailing and loss of citizenship of those who burn the American flag. Even though the Supreme Court has already made a clear ruling, saying that flag burning, while disrespectful, is protected by the first amendment.

Trump’s knowledge of the constitution is murky at best. When it comes to gun laws, he is suddenly a massive supporter of the second amendment. But when it comes to the first amendment, he suddenly turns a blind eye. Someone who picks and chooses which constitutional rights to follow is not the type of person who should be running the country in a few weeks. Trump also conveniently forgets that the same law that protects freedom of expression he deeply hates is the same law that protects his right to tweet literally anything that comes to his mind.