A couple gliding across the ice in striped robes with the Star of David sewn on the front, music from the 1999 Academy Award nominee “Life is Beautiful” playing throughout the arena. Offensive or commemorative?

On Saturday in Moscow, Tatiana Navka and Andrei Burkovsky took to the ice to perform what some have called “a crime against elementary humanity”. The ice skating routine was undoubtedly some kind of tribute to Holocaust victims, or at least that is how the performers and judges of the celebrity ice-dancing show that airs on Russian television. But what about the rest of the world. The Holocaust is not an event to be taken lightly, and many found that this routine did just that.

Russia is under scrutiny by many across the globe for this routine as well as another from April that included a man wearing a Nazi uniform and a woman acting as a terrified Jewish girl. I don’t remember the last time Dancing with the Stars did a single Holocaust routine, let alone two within the same year. Perhaps Russia should back down and stick to more classic routines, ones that could not be found offensive to large groups of people.

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