travisI thought the title of this article was hilarious—the trials of a pro snowboarder? Really? Living the dream is such a trial for you now is it? However, as I read with a more critical eye of the WSJ’s interview with Travis Rice, I gained insight into the natural burdens of this lifestyle including injuries, fear, and placement in uncomfortable situations. It was also a nice break from the political statements we’ve been seeing the last few months.

Halfway through the filming of his latest movie, “The Fourth Phase,” Rice was speeding down a 40-degree incline from the top of a mountain when he was swept over by a small avalanche. He emerged back on top of the snow, but the muscles between his ribs tore and it took him a month to recover.

Mr. Rice says he experiences “primal fear,” including when a helicopter drops him off the tip of a peak before a jump. He reasons that fear keeps him alive. “The whole ‘fearless’ mentality—I always kind of scoff at it a little bit, because if I was fearless I probably wouldn’t be here or be healthy,” he says. “Fear is one of your greatest assets when you’re trying to operate in dangerous terrain, as we do.”

At one point in their travels, they stayed in a small cabin for more than four weeks waiting for the weather to clear so that they could helicopter to a remote Russian peak that they wanted to snowboard. With nothing else to do, some of them started to go stir-crazy.

After having weighed out the pros and cons of magically becoming a pro snowboarder, would you want to become one?

Happy shredding!

Highly recommend checking out the YouTube video of Travis Rice on WSJ here