This week we learned of another set of news that cause many uncertainties in the political environment surrounding president-Elect Trump. Trump has chosen Tom Price from Georgia to be his health secretary. By selecting Mr. Price, Trump is sending messages that he intends to replace the Affordable Care Act. This has been the main focus of the Republican Party for the last years in the Obama Administration.

The main question regarding healthcare remains. How is Trump going to deal with the increase in premiums in the coming years? Also, is he going to fight for the average American or he is going to be a voice for doctors and also healthcare companies? Also the projected bill would eliminate health coverage subsidies for those that want to purchase insurance in the marketplace. This could be a problem because many American rely on the fact that they can obtain coverage through the help of such subsidies.

Mr. Price worked with many doctors and also received campaign contributions from healthcare industries. Also he has received generous contributions from health professionals and from people who work for the drug companies. This is something to think about: Is the Trump administration regarding healthcare going to care for the patients or the health industries?

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