President-elect Trump has just tweeted this morning stating that he will not be apart of the day-to-day business operations with his Trump businesses because his upcoming term as President of the United States is much more important to him at the present time. This certainly is a step in the right direction for Trump as he prepares for his Presidency, yet experts in Washington say that not removing himself in total from the Trump Organization would still serve as a conflict of interest during his service as President.

While not providing many details, Trump stated that he will hold a “major news conference” in order to explain to the media what his plans are going forward. Experts suggest that he needs to remove himself from the Trump Organization completely in order to remove the opinion that he is remaining owner in order to reap the financial benefits. Using a blind trust, which previous Presidents have done by placing their assets into a “blind trust” and then having an outside independent party control them. Another option would be to have one of his children take over ownership of the company. Either option would be in his best interest to avoid more scrutiny about his upcoming election. Removing himself from his business would be wise to prove to the American people and Washington that our country has his entire interest and attention.