Man this is a fun time to be a political science major!

The president has the ability to change and influence economic development through his words alone. For example if a president comments on how some companies in the breakfast cereal are failing to use modern industry techniques is resulting in certain companies to fail, this will definitely result in the stocks in companies such as kellogg’s to fall. As a result of the enormous power of his words, the press have paid considerable attention to everything the President says.

However, we have never had such a volatile president such as Donald Trump. Donald Trump is known for his explosive attitude which he often uses twitter as a way to broadcast his thoughts and emotions.

This article explores if the news should take all of Donald Trump’s tweets as newswothy. Should his ability to broadcast his thoughts as President of the United States mean that all of his tweets should be scrutinized? If so, what are the implications!

There is not a clear answer here but it is fun to think about if the media should serve as a filter between Donald Trump and the rest of the world. I honestly don’t think they could even if they wanted to. But it was a great article and i thought it was particularly thought-provoking.