The Dakota Acces Pipeline has been a controversial topic for months now and has drawn thousands of protestors from all walks of life. Protestors have been subjected to all kinds of brutal punishment from military forces such as tear gas, being shot at with rubber bullets, and being sprayed with water in freezing temperatures. Finally, after months and months of protesting in extreme conditions, the Army announced that it would not allow the pipeline to be drilled under a damned section of the Missouri river. The location of the pipeline had been critical to those living on the Sioux reservation there for fear that drinking water would be contaminated.

The decision by the Obama presidency to re-route the Dakota Access Pipeline is controversial for several reasons. Firstly, it is controversial because president-elect Donal J Trump has stock in the oil company and therefore supports the pipeline. Secondly, it is controversial because of the timing. It seems very late in the game for Obama to be stopping this pipeline and it also seems to be a power play in his last month of the presidency.

While most of the protestors have now gone home with shouts of victory, some have remained behind claiming that there is still too much uncertainty with regards to the Army’s sudden decision.