American Jewish and Muslim women gather at a Sisterhood Salaam Shalom meeting held on Sunday despite the dispute surrounding Israel. This interfaith alliance has grown due to the harsh climate in the political realm since the election of Donald Trump. Many Muslims fear for what might happen in the future in regards to deportation and registry, and the hate crimes that have occurred throughout the country.

Jewish women are reported stating that they would register as Muslim if a registry were ever implemented in the US. The chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League explains the reasoning behind this: “Jews know what it means to be identified and tagged, to be registered and pulled aside. It evokes very deep emotions in the Jewish community,” empathy driving forth a new joining of peoples.

Believing that love can conquer hate, this group thrives to thrash out hatred, and make a safe place for threatened individuals to make plans for their future and, belief that hate stems from ignorance, to stomp out views that have been tainted by the media concerning Muslims and terrorists.

It is not just within the Jewish-Muslim alliance that combating ignorance has been put into practice. In Salt Lake City, there have been Meet the Muslim events focused on educating the public, and for new friendships to form between people of different backgrounds.

There is an atmosphere of hate, but it appears to be bringing people together in a massive way, and perhaps we need not be so fearful about humanity.