new-zealands-prime-ministerThe country of New Zealand has been left in shock after finding out late Monday that their prime minister had intentions of resigning. John Key will be resigning next week to spend more time with his family. Key has been in office since 2008. He has led the National Conservative Party to two victories and was considered to be the favorite for next years election. Initially, Key had no desire to be a politician. He is exactly sure what he will be doing next. Key has given so much over the years to the best he could for the country he loves, however he explained, “all of this has come at quite some sacrifice for the people who are dearest to me – my family.”

On December 12, Key will resign and his party will select a new prime minister. Key says he will support whoever his party choses. However, Key said that he wound vote for his deputy prime minister, Bill English. Mr. English has been involved in many of Key’s initiatives including the initiative to partially privatize state-owned utilities. English also was a supporter of the trans-Pacific Partnership. Nonetheless it will be very interesting to watch how this will play out over the next few months.

Over the course of the past few years, New Zealand’s prime minister has done a large amount of good for the country. The people of New Zealand have come to love him and will be sad to see Key go. However many New Zealanders are excited for change and the future to come.

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