This summer, an unprecedented decision was made by the people of Great Britain – leave a decades-old treaty with Europe and become completely autonomous. The decision was groundbreaking, people on all sides were stunned and waiting to see what would happen next.

Six months later, not much.

Sure, they put Theresa May as the new prime minister after David Cameron stepped down following the vote. Sure, there have been words said. But no real action. No real negotiations have even publicly taken place between the EU and Britain.

Britain believes it can cherrypick its choices and get everything it has ever dreamed of, while turning down what it does not like. It wants the economic benefits of the EU treaty without keeping its borders open to EU passport holders. Unfortunately, this is not a buffet, but rather a meal prepared by a friend who would be completely offended if you refuse to eat up the entire plate. If you do not want dinner, then do not come over.

There are some negotiators who are masters of their craft, who can stick to their guns and get everything they want without bending. Unfortunately, with most of the EU against them, it seems unlikely that Britain’s leaders will prove to be such masters.

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