On Sunday the Army announced it would halt the construction of the Dakota Pipeline and find a new route for the pipeline. The protestors were victorious, but was the right decision made?

This problem was steeped in issues of history, culture, and legal rights. In November Jack Healy wrote that local people were afraid for their safety and they felt threatened by the protestors. Law enforcement, police officers just trying to do their jobs, also expressed concerns about their safety. Protests affected some ranchers’ ability to make a living during that time. On the flip side, protesters reported being treated badly and in ways that denied them their human dignity by law enforcement.

Ta-Nahisi Coates argues in favor of reparations being made to the descendants of peoples and races wronged throughout American history. The native people of the United States has endured an incredible amount of poor treatment in the past. There may not have been a good solution to this issue but I do believe the best solution possible, considering the circumstances, has been reached.